Monday, 3 September 2012

NYC Fashion Ave Fuchsia - Plus Cakes!

I popped into Superdrug the other day just to pick up some essentials, and couldn't resist having a look at the NYC stand. I can't believe how decently priced all of their products are! I picked up 3 new nail polishes as they were only £1.79 each, and because I spent over £5 I got some false eye lashes for free. Great deal, right?

On the shelf this one looked like a bottle of red wine, it had a really autumnly feel. (Is autumnly a word??) Anyway, summer here in the UK is almost officially over so I need to stock up on some more colours :)

This is NYC Fashion Ave Fuchsia and it's a lovely colour. I'd say it's more pink than it looks in the bottle but it's a really bright colour and was so easy to use. These 'In a minute' NYC polishes have quite wide brushes and they really do dry fast, so they're great if you don't have much time to do your nails before going out or something.

I added a little Converse trainer to my ring finger, an idea I got from the hours of reading through tons of nail art blogs, which didn't turn out too badly. It's so hard to draw on your own nails! I guess it's something I'll get used to eventually but my lines are really wobbly at the moment. If you've got any tips or tricks, I'd love to hear them!

Also, if you were interested, I did bake those cakes! Me and the boyfriend had a great time baking them, and even more fun eating them!

Here's the end result! Doesn't really look much like the picture from the cookbook, but we don't have an electric whisk yet, and it REALLY didn't help when I mis-read the ingredients and added far too much butter to the sponge mix - whoops!

The recipe asked for cola syrup which I don't have so we used real cola instead, which probably helped to lighten up the batter after all that butter I accidently added.

They're really tasty though, must be around 900 calories a piece but they sure are worth it!

I'm going away for a couple of days for a work event tomorrow and won't be back till Thursday night, so sorry you won't hear from me till later this week.

Bye for now! :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Weekend Baking

So I ordered at the start of this week a set of Bundle Monster stamping plates, the Konad stamping tool, and special black polish. My plates are here, but I'm still waiting on the actual stamp and polish! I know that if I just take off my bumble bee nails and do something different, the postman will knock on the door the minute after, so I'm trying to be patient.

It was my birthday last week and one of the girls at work gave me this cookbook, which is amazing. It's filled with so many different goodies that I spent the whole morning just planning what to bake first.

As I write this now there's some kind of baking show on the TV so I absolutely can't wait to get stuck in! We have a new girl starting at the office on Monday morning so today I'm going to pick up some ingredients and do some baking on Sunday morning.

I've spent the whole morning so far with the boyfriend trying to decide which to bake, I think he wanted me to bake the whole book! I told him that whatever I choose, he has to help with the whisking, because I'm really rubbish at that, and he agreed as long as I saved him some cakes!
And this is what I've chosen to bake...cola cupcakes! I'm not the greatest cook in the world so thankfully these don't look too hard to make. The recipe does ask for cola syrup though, and as far as I'm aware that's the stuff you put in a soda stream machine, right?

Well I'm not buying a 1ltr bottle just for a few cakes! I plan to be creative and put actual cola in the mixture instead, I've seen other recipes where you do this so it can't be that much of a disaster...right?

I'm sorry this isn't really nails or beauty themed, but once I;ve got my stamping kit I'll show you my first attempts, I'm very excited!

Wish me luck that these cakes will turn out to actually be edible when I make them tomorrow?